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Message from the Top

At the 1999 WANO Biennial General Meeting in Victoria, British Columbia, WANO Chairman Zack T. Pate delivers a speech entitled, “Message from the Top.” In his remarks, he stressed the key role top executives have in influencing safety culture at the nuclear plants they own and operate.

A Young Zack Pate Meets the future King of Spain

While attending the U.S. Naval Academy, Zack Pate (left) met the future King of Spain, Prince Juan Carlos (right), who was himself a student at Spain’s Naval Military Academy in Pontevedra.

Gifting an award in recognition of the contribution of INPO employees

Dr. Zack T. Pate is shown with INPO CEO James O. Ellis on the occasion of Dr. Pate donating an award he received and dedicating it to the men and women of the Institute of Nuclear Power Operations.

Dr. Pate and INPO Board Chairman Jerry Farrington

This photo of INPO CEO Dr. Zack T. Pate and Jerry Farrington, CEO of Texas Utilities and chairman of the INPO board of directors, was featured in the 1994 INPO annual report.

INPO Celebrates a Quarter Century

In 2004, the current and previous CEOs of INPO gathered for a photograph during a special event celebrating INPO’s 25th year of operation. They include Vice Admiral Eugene P. “Dennis” Wilkinson USN (seated), Dr. James T. Rhodes, Fred Tollison, and Dr. Zack T. Pate (standing left to right).

Pate Succeeds Wilkinson as INPO CEO

A retirement event was held in 1984 to honor INPO’s first CEO, Vice Admiral Eugene P. “Dennis” Wilkinson USN. Pictured from left to right are Wilkinson and his wife Janice; Lelan F. Sillin, CEO of Northeast Utilities and chairman of the INPO Board of Directors and his wife Joan; and Wilkinson’s successor as INPO CEO, Dr. Zack T. Pate and his wife Bettye.

Green Ink

Dr. Pate was well-known for marking up documents with pens that used green ink. When Dr. Pate retired from INPO in 1998, one of the retirement gifts presented to him by successor Dr. James T. Rhodes was an outsized mockup of his signature pen.

Welcoming a New WANO President

Dr. Zack T. Pate congratulates Soo-Byung Choi on being elected president of the World Association of Nuclear Operators in 1999. Choi was president and CEO of Korea Electric Power Company. He succeeded Dr. Allan Kupcis (left), former president and CEO of Ontario Hydro, who served as WANO’s president from 1997 to 1999.

World Nuclear Association Recognizes Dr. Pate’s Contributions

In 2002, Dr. Pate (fourth from left) was honored by the World Nuclear Association for his “distinguished contribution to the peaceful worldwide uses of nuclear energy” as a founder and leader of WANO. Dr. Pate is Chairman Emeritus of both INPO and WANO and served as chairman of the World Nuclear University (WNU). Honored along with Dr. Pate were Hajimu Maeda, chairman of WANO at the time; Rémy Carle, WANO’s second chairman; and Andrew Clarke, the first director of the WANO coordinating Center. On the back row is WNA director general John Ritch.

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